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Tiffany Last
Born in Wisconsin
6 years
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Wow - 2/23/2001 - What a day......The miracle we had been waiting for - but how scarey........The day your surgery started for your four organ transplant.  Tomorrow morning - 2/24/01 - you were no longer yellow, but a beautiful pink....You had a long road ahead of you before you were able to go home, but the day you went home was WONDERFUL.......Yes, we thought we were so lucky........God did give us a few extra years to hold you and enjoy your beautiful smile.  Certainly not enough years, but there never would have been enough - We love you now and always will and will cherish all of our memories of your way to short life.  Thank you for your memory, Hana.......God Bless you and have a good life.  I'm sure Tif is watching over you, too.   
Hana Ferguson
I was in Tiffany's first grade class and considered her my best friend.  The one thing that I can remember is the one time I thought we had the most fun together.  At our school we had the 50 states on the blacktop and one day Tiffany and I went on there and we walked on top of Hawaii and then we started dancing and having fun.  I don't live in Wisconsin anymore, but on a trip back two years ago my momma and I went back to Evans Elementary and sat on Tiffany's bench and remembered her.  I love you Tiffany and will always remember you.  Your friend forever...Hana Ferguson
My thoughts and my heart is with you today.  I miss you as much today as I did 4 years ago.  I think of the short time we had with you, but all of the wonderful memories.  I know there were some bad times for us all, but there was a lot more happy times then there were bad times.  Your beautiful smile is always in my mind.  Your pictures are so special.  The times we did not capture on film are in our hearts.  You were and always will be my angel.  I look forward to you running to my arms again.  As Christmas draws near, we celebrate Jesus coming to save us all and giving us eternal life.  We will see you again and so we live on until God chooses for us to be together again.  Meanwhile, my love is always with you.............Again, thank you for our beautiful memories that only you could give to us.
It is halloween again and I think of you in your cheeta outfit.  How sweet you looked.  You are always on my mind but special times of the year brings special memories.  I am so glad we went to the pumpkin farm together.  It was always fun doing anything with you.  I am so glad we had the memories we had - only wished for more.  Love you...
And it is now December......the month we never want to come, but it does and though this is the month that hurts because we lost you, it is also the month to celebrate our Saviors birth and to be thankful that you are with Jesus and you are safe and waiting for us.  It is so hard to believe that you have been gone almost three years.  Three years ago today, December 2, we thought you would be with us forever.  Little did we know that we had such a short 12 days left with you.  It seems like only yesterday that you were with us.  We love you, Angel - you are in our hearts forever.....
Hi Tiffany.  I must confess, that even though I don't write on here often, remember I don't have the internet, so I have to wait until I go to the library, I think of you so often.  Time keeps rushing by, but it seems like yesterday when you were with us.  I miss you more every day, but I am so thankful that we had the time with you that we did.  I've been getting pictures together for your album and there are so many that show your happiness and your precious smile.  I love looking at them.  I just talked to you Mom and she said to tell you hi.  She doesn't have the internet but when she does she will be on. 

Meanwhile, I miss you every day.  I wish your were with us, but I know that you are happy and without any pain or any more surgeries.  Until I hold  you in my arms......loving you always....
Hi ANGEL.  I wasn't near a computer on Feb. 23/24, but my thoughts went back to 2001 and the night we spent in Madison while you were in surgery.  How wonderful it was to see you the morning of the 24th - PINK.  The Yellow was gone and you were a beautiful pink.  AND YOU MADE IT THROUGH A GRUELLING SURGERY and so did we.  The next few weeks were hard on us, but the day you left the hospital was by far the miracle we waited for.  The next short years were filled with trials, but the majority of them were wonderful and so were you.  Our memories of you all of your firsts will keep us going.  We will always miss you but you are so close to us in our hearts and memories.  I love you, my little angel and always will have you close.
Just a short few days and we celebrate your birthday.  Yes, we wish you were here to celebrate, but we celebrate your birth and every day you were with us and thank God for giving us the time we had with you.  How different our lives would be if you had not filled them with your love, smiles, temper tantrums and all that good and bad stuff.  You taught us so much in just the few short years you were with us and you will never be forgotten.  We think of you sooooo often and try to remember the good and not the sad, bad times.  I love you, forever and ever until we run into each others arms......I miss you hugs, kisses and happiness when I saw you.  Thanks for all the memories, my angel.
Barbara Schroeder
I remember the first time I met you Little Tiffany, for then you were a chubby, little girl. It was at Fahey School, you had a temper and screaming lungs to go with it. I know your mom was so worried to leave you with us but we kept telling her you would be fine and you were. The first day I don't even know how long you screamed for but when you realized that no one cared and we told you as soon as you were done you could come and play with us you finally figured out it might be more fun to play than scream. It was so much fun to watch you grow and change. Everyone always said that you would be the perfect match for me in the Big Sisters program when we were at Fahey, little did we know that this would really happen a few years later. I always said you were my Angel in disguise at a time I needed a breath of fresh air and a new hope in the Big Sisters program and life itself. Only thing is you were taken away from me too soon. I guess Angels are only given to a person for a short time for as long as they are needed and then the person or people need to learn or find their way without that extra help and learn from what the Angel taught them. In your own little way you taught me to have patience, a renewed love and respect for myself and others, to take more time to appreciate the little things that matter in life instead of worrying about how clean my house looks, or what needs to get done. I no longer worry about things that just don't matter. You did that for me. My Little Angel. Your Butterfly still is in my window and I think of you often. Your grandma sent me a Christmas card and I will be sending her one also, it will be late, in the past I never would have been late in sending out cards. I saw your mom at Walmart, who is looking wonderful, Disaree, who is so grown up, your brother(don't remember his name(Cody?) ), and your baby sister, I know I don't know her name. She is so cute. Tatum wasn't with them. I bet he is big. In my mind I can see you going down the snow hills here with me on the sled. There were so many things I wanted to teach and show you, we would have had so much fun. I never told my knew Little about our Elf Tree by the creek, for some reason I don't think the magic would be their. Did you ever find the Leprechun at the end of the Rainbow, remember what I told you? It wouldn't be nice to put him in a cage like you said you would do,  because how would you feel living in a cage. I can't believe I'm remembering these things we did together and the stuff we talked about. You were so much fun. Thank you for the memories. Merry Christmas Tiffany, MY ANGEL !!!  Please say hi to my dad and grandparents, and Marks Parents  for me and wish them a Merry Christmas also. Love, Barbara P.S. On the even years I decorate my Christmas tree with Angels in your memory.
Thinking of you today as usual.  Two years have passed and you are missed as much today as you were for every day for the last two years.  I miss you something terrible and think of you always.  You are close to me in my heart and you will be until we are together again.  Loving you always.
Aunt Caroline

Tiffany, it is hard to believe you have been in Heaven now for almost two years,

but how nice it is that you are able to be there with Aunt Elaine, Grandma and

Grandpa Duncan, and Uncle Darrel.  If only Grandma Duncan had taken her Shut Box with her you could all have been palying.  You were and are such a sweetie pie and forever more you will be our Angel always looking down on  everyone, and taking care of your Mom.  I love you Tiffany Honey.  Tell everyone in Heaven I love them too, and tell Aunt Elaine I always think of her when the Packers are on.


Aunt Caroline George

I had to put your picture on my computer at work and the memories come flooding back.  Of course, they are always there.  I think of the halloween party you had at school - your last one - you looked so darn cute - but then, you looked so darn cute every day.  Thinking of you always, my angel.  Love ya forever - until we meet again.....
How can I start with my memories of you, my little angel.  I have so many wonderful memories but I sure wish I had hundreds more.  These will have to do until we meet again and run into each others arms.  I am so looking forward to your hugs and kisses.  I love you, Sweetie.  I think of you often.

so i remember this one day i spent with your mom, and we had to take all you kids to school & pick you up. i was watching tayten & tysun for your mom. when she got home from work we had to go get you first, seeing your face come out of the school doors was amazing. i love how you let your mom know that you wanted to go to school. i remember her talking to grandma mimi about how it would work with eveything & mostly your mama just didnt wanna let you go. but you needed to & im glad you did, it gave others a chance to know you, or get to know you. all your friends from school, the teachers, everybody has enjoyed life in someway thanks to knowing you!!!maybe people didnt know it at the time but you gave off something that made others better. i love & miss you!!! & madi too!!! but you knew that, huh

Your grandma

Tomorrow 7 years ago was quite a day for us all.  I received a phone call from your mom that today was the day - you were going to get your transplant.  Of all days, it was grandpa's birthday and he took me to work and was going to pick me up after.  Needless to say things changed fast. I finally got my car and headed up to Madison where you and Mom were.  Mom was close to hysterical when I talked to her and I was anxious to get up by you both....However, meeting a police car as I was heading out of Fond du Lac and he shook his finger at me - I knew I would take me longer than I had planned.  I did not need a ticket or an accident.  When I got to your room both you and mom were sleeping.  (I was so glad I rushed). Then we waited - I think it was like 8 o'clock when they came for you - It was very hard seeing you go.  Mom had such a hard time.  The nurse must have anticipated it as she just took you from Mom's arms and went through the door to the surgery room.

The next hours went very slow.  Grandpa and Grandma Beals and Pastor S. waited all night with us.  How wonderful it was to see you.  Instead of yellow, that fast you were a beautiful pink.  February 23 and 24 were very special days for us and for you.  Love you always my special angel. 

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